June 2014 Book Recommendations

June Recommendations

Every month, our staff at The California Journal of Women Writers will be highlighting our current reading selections, in order to help grow exposure for the myriad of women writers who should be recognized for their work. Our collective voices as women have the ability to reach far and wide. By bringing you our favorite titles, our hope is that you’re introduced to new writers, new stories, and new visions. We promise you’ll find your next great reading choice from one of our lists.

Erika Rothberg

Ozick, Cynthia. The Shawl.
1990. 69 p.p. Vintage (978-0-6797-2926-6).

Atwood, Margaret. The Handmaid’s Tale. 
1985. 324 p.p. McClelland and Stewart (978-0-7710-0879-5).

Gilman, Charlotte Perkin. The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories.
1997. 70 p.p. Dover Publications; Unabridged edition (978-0-4862-9857-3).

Norte, Marisela. Peeping Tom Tom Girl.
2008. 125 p.p. 978-0981602035.

Goldman, Emma. A Dangerous Woman.
2007. 115 p.p. 978-1595580641.

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi. Americanah.
2013. 588 p.p. 978-0307455925.

Hoffman, Alice. The Dovekeepers.
2012. 528pgs. 978-1451617481

Simone, Gail. Wonder Woman: The Circle.
2008. 120 pgs. 978-1401219321

Worth, Jennifer. Call the Midwife.
Reprint 2012. 352 pgs. 978-0143123255

Ofri, Danielle. What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect The Practice of Medicine.
2013. 232. Beacon Press (ISBN-13: 978-0807033302).

Byrne, Monica. The Girl In The Road.
2014. 323. Random House Inc (ISBN-13: 978-0804138840).

Walton, Jo. My Real Children.
2014. 320. Tor Books (ISBN-13: 978-0765332653).

Vardalos, Nia. Instant Mom.
2013, 288 pages, HarperOne (ISBN-13: 9780062231857).

Jacobs Brumberg, Joan. The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls.
1998, 214 pages, Vintage (ISBN-13: 9780679735298).

Serano, Julia. Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity.
2007, 390 pages, Seal Press (ISBN-13: 9781580051545).

Wen Mao, Sally. Mad Honey Symposium.
2014. Alice James Books (ISBN: 978-1-938584-06-0).

Rukeyser, Muriel. US 1.

Fennelly, Beth Ann. Tender Hooks.
W. W. Norton (ISBN: 978-0393058628).

Butler, Octavia. Kindred.
2004. 287 Pages. Holt Mcdougal (978-0807083697).

Rich, Adrienne. Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth: Poems 2004-2006.
2009. 112 Pages. W.W. Norton & Company (978-0393334784).

Copeland, Mary. Clocks We Watch.
2008. 84 Pages. Plain View Press (978-0911051575).

Queyras, Sina. MxT.
2014. 96pp. Coach House Press. ISBN-13: 978-1552452905

Doucet, Julie. 365 Days.
2007. 360pp. Drawn and Quaterly Press. ISBN-13: 978-1897299159

Belamy, Dodie. Cunt Norton.
2013. 75pp. Les Figues Press. ISBN-13: 978-1934254493

Parker, Dorothy, The Portable Dorothy Parker. 
2006. 640 pages. Penguin Classics (978-0143039532).

Atwood, Margaret. The Handmaid’s Tale.
1998. 311 pages. Anchor (978-0143039532).

Bender, Aimee. Willful Creatures
2006. 224 pages. Anchor (978-0385720977).



2 responses to “June 2014 Book Recommendations

  1. Thank you for this wonderful list. Many of these sound very interesting. I have a lot of reading to do it seems. 🙂

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