Join Our Team!


So you love to read books, huh? And you consider yourself a pretty darn good writer? How about using your love of reading and writing to join our team here at TCJWW?

We’re always looking for stellar people to join us! Be prepared to have a grand ‘ol time and tell your friends that you have a cool side gig with an increasingly popular online literary journal.

Who we need: fly peeps who are word savvy and devour books as their main meals. We are an online literary journal focusing on North American women writers. Here’s your chance to share your insight and allow greater exposure for those talented women writers that the world needs to know more about. Remember that we not only highlight current writers and books, but also focus on past works, as well as contemporary and classic. Our motto here is that we read and write about what we love! We don’t need to follow no stinkin’ trends!

What you’ll be doing: writing up a flurry of book reviews, concocting provoking interview questions, and hammering out general commentary pieces on any and all things women-centered within the literary world.

Since this journal is a labor of love and doesn’t generate funds, we can only offer an exhilarating experience being associated with an online literary journal and the practice of honing in your writing skills, along with the exposure of being part of the TCJWW team and getting to read some fancy schmancy books (and who doesn’t love that perk!?).

What we need from you: a flamboyant email stating why you’d be such a great fit with TCJWW, your experience in writing (school, professional, personal), 2-3 of your best writing samples, and let us know which 3 books by North American women writers you’d love to do a book review on. Send this fantastic summary of your best self to with the subject “You need me on your team!”

We fully support internships – please ask your advisor if this position can be accepted as college credit. If not, you can at least add it to your internship resume!

This is a remote position… read and write for us from anywhere your little heart desires.

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