viscera (Vol. 1 – Winter 2012)

visceraThe inaugural chapbook of The California Journal of Women Writers has officially been published!

The California Journal of Women Writers is devoted to fostering and enhancing the visibility of North American female writers. As a celebration of poetry, prose, and flash fiction, our chapbooks create a space dedicated to the overall community of women.

Viscera combines the creative work of women from all backgrounds and paths in life. These are the stories of our mothers, our sisters, our daughters. They have been woven together to create a collective voice full of hope and vitality.

viscera, Vol. 1 – Winter 2012
Edited by Jennifer Carter

Borghi, Elizabeth
Summer Camp
Time in Coimbatore, Weather in Detroit

Brandt, Lois
Telephone Call

Brown, Brenda Bell
Memphis Suki’s Anthem

Bryski, Sarah
The Bruise

Ciresi, Rita
Me and Dr. Scholl

Coleman, Megan

Cooper, Khimen
[R]evolving Hate

Cordero, Karla
I Didn’t Call Him Abuelo

Corey, J.R.
Red Storms

Croney, Stephanie

Daniels, Vicky L.
Bar Tender
My House

Denee, KiKi
Grande Mocha Lite Frappuccino, Please

Dorfeld, Natalie M.
Rust Belt to Space Coast

Garnette, Jaisha

Hess, Havala
Rocky Pacific

Kluchonic, Karen

Lenehan, Lael
Main Street America

Lopez, Casandra
Where There is a Hunger
The Darkest of Deserts

Magy, Ronna

Martins, Tinsley
His Name is Jesus Christ

Miller, Terri L.
The Promise Quilt

Murphy, Jeanette
Don’t Quit Five Minutes Before the Miracle

Nawyn, Lori
Watching the Violets

Pocrnic, Mary Frances
paper cuts

Quintero, Isabel
Full Frontal

Quintero, Isabel
My Mother-in-Law Cannot Walk Without a Limp

Royce, Tracy
Mrs. Renzetti

Szymanek, Angelique
The Great Divide

Thornburgh, Claire
Burned Bridges

Tulacro, Victoria Barras
In Search of the Right Fruit

Vaynshteyn, Gina
The Perks of Anti-Regret
Swim To
To Feel Whole Again

Vicuna, Susan
When Pigs Fly
Portrait of a Woman with a Proper Game Face

Webster, Bethany

A print edition of the chapbook is available online at Lulu.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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